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<GG> Level Up Bot!


98% Uptime
19852 sets from 944 games
0 foil sets from games
CSGO14!buy 127!sell 1
TF27!buytf 19!selltf 1
Hydra7!buyhydra 113!sellhydra 1
Gem850!buygems 1550!sellgems 1
Accepted CSGO case keys:
All type of case keys are accepted, please note Hydra keys are at a lower rate.
<<< Remember you cannot purchase keys in-game anymore, they wont become tradable if you do: >>>

Level: :10_level: - 1,000 XP
Level: :20_level: - 3,000 XP
Level: :30_level: - 6,000 XP
Level: :40_level: - 10,000 XP
Level: :50_level: - 15,000 XP
Level: :60_level: - 21,000 XP
Level: :70_level: - 28,000 XP
Level: :80_level: - 36,000 XP
Level: :90_level: - 45,000 XP
Level: :100_level: - 55,000 XP

You cannot use the bot if you are trade banned, got private inventory or haven't activated mobile auth.

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