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!Uzi - Low Bot


97% Uptime
8943 sets from 473 games
0 foil sets from games
CSGO20!buy 1100!sell 1
TF27.5!buytf 18.5!selltf 1
Hydra7.5!buyhydra 130!sellhydra 1
Gem750!buygems 1555!sellgems 1
!commands - show all commands available!
!check - bot will tell you how many sets he have and how much currency you need to take them
!buy | !buytf | !buygems - bot will send you only sets you can craft
!buyany | !buytfany | !buygemsany - bot will send sets randomly, you will receive the same set multiple times or sets you already craft
!buycards - exchange your random cards for complete sets you can craft

If rate is 9.2 if you buy with 1 key e.g. !buytf 1 , you will get only 9 sets, if you want the x.2 set you need to use a number that multiplied by 0.2 gives a integer number
e.g. for 9.2:1 TF2 key rate:
!buytf 1 -> 9 sets, !buytf 2 -> 18 sets, !buytf 3 -> 27 sets, !buytf 4 -> 36 sets, !buytf 5 -> 46 sets, ...
Bot always round to is favour

Currencies that Bot Accept:
➡ Bot accept all CSGO Keys, except the capsule ones (PS: Hydra keys different rate)
➡Steam Gems
➡TF2 key ( Mann Co. Supply Crate Key )

You cannot trade CSGO keys you buy in game!
2019.10.28 CSGO Update
Read More Here:

You can easily Level Up Your Profile to Level +200
➡ !Uzi - Low Level Bot

➡ !Uzi - Medium Level Bot

➡ !Uzi - High Level Bot

➡ Can I craft badges for games I do not own?
Yes, you can.

➡ Will I receive sets that I already crafted?
Make sure you have crafted all your sets, that way bot will trade with you sets that you never crafted!
PS: Bot only checks your badges, not your inventory.

➡ I receive sets that I already crafted / Bot give me multiple copies that exceed the max level badge
Sometimes people buy sets from the bot and instead of craft, they keep buying. Was it was said before, the bot only checks your badges, not your inventory.

➡Why I can't trade with bot?
Make sure you don't have a trade hold (Trade hold = you can't trade immediately with any steam user) !
Make sure you have enabled steam mobile authenticator for 7 at least days!
Make sure you have tradable items(keys, gems) to trade with bot!


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