Steam Errors

Readable Steam errors

1 OK


2 Fail

generic failure

3 NoConnection

no/failed network connection

5 InvalidPassword

password/ticket is invalid

6 LoggedInElsewhere

same user logged in elsewhere

7 InvalidProtocolVer

protocol version is incorrect

8 InvalidParam

a parameter is incorrect

9 FileNotFound

file was not found

10 Busy

called method busy - action not taken

11 InvalidState

called object was in an invalid state

12 InvalidName

name is invalid

13 InvalidEmail

email is invalid

14 DuplicateName

name is not unique

15 AccessDenied

access is denied

16 Timeout

operation timed out

17 Banned

VAC2 banned

18 AccountNotFound

account not found

19 InvalidSteamID

steamID is invalid

20 ServiceUnavailable

The requested service is currently unavailable

21 NotLoggedOn

The user is not logged on

22 Pending

Request is pending (may be in process, or waiting on third party)

23 EncryptionFailure

Encryption or Decryption failed

24 InsufficientPrivilege

Insufficient privilege

25 LimitExceeded

Too much of a good thing

26 Revoked

Access has been revoked (used for revoked guest passes)

27 Expired

License/Guest pass the user is trying to access is expired

28 AlreadyRedeemed

Guest pass has already been redeemed by account, cannot be acked again

29 DuplicateRequest

The request is a duplicate and the action has already occurred in the past, ignored this time

30 AlreadyOwned

All the games in this guest pass redemption request are already owned by the user

31 IPNotFound

IP address not found

32 PersistFailed

failed to write change to the data store

33 LockingFailed

failed to acquire access lock for this operation

34 LogonSessionReplaced

35 ConnectFailed

36 HandshakeFailed

37 IOFailure

38 RemoteDisconnect

39 ShoppingCartNotFound

failed to find the shopping cart requested

40 Blocked

a user didn't allow it

41 Ignored

target is ignoring sender

42 NoMatch

nothing matching the request found

43 AccountDisabled

44 ServiceReadOnly

this service is not accepting content changes right now

45 AccountNotFeatured

account doesn't have value, so this feature isn't available

46 AdministratorOK

allowed to take this action, but only because requester is admin

47 ContentVersion

A Version mismatch in content transmitted within the Steam protocol.

48 TryAnotherCM

The current CM can't service the user making a request, user should try another.

49 PasswordRequiredToKickSession

You are already logged in elsewhere, this cached credential login has failed.

50 AlreadyLoggedInElsewhere

You are already logged in elsewhere, you must wait

51 Suspended

Long running operation (content download) suspended/paused

52 Cancelled

Operation canceled (typically by user: content download)

53 DataCorruption

Operation canceled because data is ill formed or unrecoverable

54 DiskFull

Operation canceled - not enough disk space.

55 RemoteCallFailed

an remote call or IPC call failed

56 PasswordUnset

Password could not be verified as it's unset server side

57 ExternalAccountUnlinked

External account (PSN, Facebook...) is not linked to a Steam account

58 PSNTicketInvalid

PSN ticket was invalid

59 ExternalAccountAlreadyLinked

External account (PSN, Facebook...) is already linked to some other account, must explicitly request to replace/delete the link first

60 RemoteFileConflict

The sync cannot resume due to a conflict between the local and remote files

61 IllegalPassword

The requested new password is not legal

62 SameAsPreviousValue

new value is the same as the old one ( secret question and answer )

63 AccountLogonDenied

account login denied due to 2nd factor authentication failure

64 CannotUseOldPassword

The requested new password is not legal

65 InvalidLoginAuthCode

account login denied due to auth code invalid

66 AccountLogonDeniedNoMail

account login denied due to 2nd factor auth failure - and no mail has been sent

67 HardwareNotCapableOfIPT

68 IPTInitError

69 ParentalControlRestricted

operation failed due to parental control restrictions for current user

70 FacebookQueryError

Facebook query returned an error

71 ExpiredLoginAuthCode

account login denied due to auth code expired

72 IPLoginRestrictionFailed

73 AccountLockedDown

74 AccountLogonDeniedVerifiedEmailRequired

75 NoMatchingURL

76 BadResponse

parse failure, missing field, etc.

77 RequirePasswordReEntry

The user cannot complete the action until they re-enter their password

78 ValueOutOfRange

the value entered is outside the acceptable range

79 UnexpectedError

something happened that we didn't expect to ever happen

80 Disabled

The requested service has been configured to be unavailable

81 InvalidCEGSubmission

The set of files submitted to the CEG server are not valid

82 RestrictedDevice

The device being used is not allowed to perform this action

83 RegionLocked

The action could not be complete because it is region restricted

84 RateLimitExceeded

Temporary rate limit exceeded, try again later, different from LimitExceeded which may be permanent

85 AccountLoginDeniedNeedTwoFactor

Need two-factor code to login

86 ItemDeleted

The thing we're trying to access has been deleted

87 AccountLoginDeniedThrottle

login attempt failed, try to throttle response to possible attacker

88 TwoFactorCodeMismatch

two factor code mismatch

89 TwoFactorActivationCodeMismatch

activation code for two-factor didn't match

90 AccountAssociatedToMultiplePartners

account has been associated with multiple partners

91 NotModified

data not modified

92 NoMobileDevice

the account does not have a mobile device associated with it

93 TimeNotSynced

the time presented is out of range or tolerance

94 SmsCodeFailed

SMS code failure (no match, none pending, etc.)

95 AccountLimitExceeded

Too many accounts access this resource

96 AccountActivityLimitExceeded

Too many changes to this account

97 PhoneActivityLimitExceeded

Too many changes to this phone

98 RefundToWallet

Cannot refund to payment method, must use wallet

99 EmailSendFailure

Cannot send an email

100 NotSettled

Can't perform operation till payment has settled

101 NeedCaptcha

Needs to provide a valid captcha

102 GSLTDenied

a game server login token owned by this token's owner has been banned

103 GSOwnerDenied

game server owner is denied for other reason (account lock, community ban, vac ban, missing phone)

104 InvalidItemType

the type of thing we were requested to act on is invalid

105 IPBanned

the ip address has been banned from taking this action

106 GSLTExpired

this token has expired from disuse; can be reset for use

107 InsufficientFunds

user doesn't have enough wallet funds to complete the action

108 TooManyPending

There are too many of this thing pending already

109 NoSiteLicensesFound

No site licenses found

110 WGNetworkSendExceeded

the WG couldn't send a response because we exceeded max network send size

111 AccountNotFriends

the user is not mutually friends

112 LimitedUserAccount

the user is limited

113 CantRemoveItem

item can't be removed

114 AccountDeleted

account has been deleted

115 ExistingUserCancelledLicense

A license for this already exists, but cancelled

116 CommunityCooldown

access is denied because of a community cooldown (probably from support profile data resets)

117 NoLauncherSpecified

No launcher was specified, but a launcher was needed to choose correct realm for operation

118 MustAgreeToSSA

User must agree to china SSA or global SSA before login

119 LauncherMigrated

The specified launcher type is no longer supported; the user should be directed elsewhere

120 SteamRealmMismatch

The user's realm does not match the realm of the requested resource

121 InvalidSignature

signature check did not match

122 ParseFailure

Failed to parse input

123 NoVerifiedPhone

account does not have a verified phone number

124 InsufficientBattery

user device doesn't have enough battery charge currently to complete the action

125 ChargerRequired

The operation requires a charger to be plugged in, which wasn't present

126 CachedCredentialInvalid

Cached credential was invalid - user must reauthenticate

127 PhoneNumberIsVOIP

The phone number provided is a Voice Over IP number