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HEADS UP! to Bot Owners
Steam has suddenly started selective banning steam bots for 'Commercial Usage' despite the fact all bots do is trade sets for keys.
If you do not want to be listed here while this is going on you can login to your bot and disable it which will hide the bot until you enable it again
Even my own ASF 1:1 got banned despite it not even trading for keys
If you are a user and wondering why so many bots are offline you know now
If you are a steam employee unban my fucking 1:1 ASF bot lol. & figure out why suddenly without TOS updates these TRADING bots are getting banned but key selling sites & real commercial sites relying on steam ain't
Some games are simply not in steam's API such as removed games or games with the status "steam is learning about this game"
there for we recommend you install our script as our system cannot be 100% accurate about whether or not you own the game
(you can update your games on your profile after redeeming some & add additional settings to the table)
orange games will probably contain dupes and you may need to contact the store owner for replacement, red games are removed games
gray games are from stores known not to replace duplicates (or ignores support requests)
You can customize the games table on your profile adding / removing various game details ^^
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