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Help supporting the most extensive steam bot listing service by donating items you do not need
You will be listed in key value of items, so that people donating items worth 0.03 won't get the same rating as people whom donates keys
Rating values can be seen below

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Keys TF2/CSGO 1 (Hydra 0.4)
Cards 0.01 - 0.003 Depending on max cards in the game
Foil Cards 0.0142 - 0.0047 Depending on max cards in the game
Boosters Cards Value * 3
Emoticons & Backgrounds 0.0015
Gems 0.0001
Coupons 0
Unlisted 0.002
Fame Rating
Items Donated
Last Donation
First Donation
13.2331 month ago1 month ago
10.0641432 days ago19 days ago
10103 months ago3 months ago
101027 days ago27 days ago
5.0162 months ago2 months ago
552 months ago2 months ago
553 months ago3 months ago
1.02751321 days ago23 days ago
112 months ago2 months ago
112 months ago2 months ago
0.55714782 months ago2 months ago
0.17525311 month ago1 month ago
0.15188203 months ago3 months ago
0.10852510 days ago3 months ago
0.0975652 months ago3 months ago
0.01683 months ago3 months ago
0.0111 month ago1 month ago
0.0078341 month ago1 month ago
0.00742 months ago2 months ago