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You will be listed in key value of items, so that people donating items worth 0.03 won't get the same rating as people whom donates keys
Rating values can be seen below

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Keys TF2/CSGO 1 (Hydra 0.4)
Cards 0.01 - 0.003 Depending on max cards in the game
Foil Cards 0.0142 - 0.0047 Depending on max cards in the game
Boosters Cards Value * 3
Emoticons & Backgrounds 0.0015
Gems 0.0001
Coupons 0
Unlisted 0.002
Fame Rating
Items Donated
Last Donation
First Donation
13.24533 months ago5 months ago
10.0641434 months ago5 months ago
10107 months ago7 months ago
10105 months ago5 months ago
6.55714842 months ago6 months ago
5.0166 months ago6 months ago
556 months ago6 months ago
557 months ago7 months ago
222 months ago3 months ago
229 days ago2 months ago
1.0275135 months ago5 months ago
113 months ago3 months ago
116 months ago6 months ago
116 months ago6 months ago
0.25603413 days ago2 months ago
0.17525315 months ago5 months ago
0.15188206 months ago6 months ago
0.1085254 months ago7 months ago
0.0975656 months ago7 months ago
0.058312 months ago2 months ago
0.026134 days ago14 days ago
0.01687 months ago7 months ago
0.0114 months ago4 months ago
0.0115 months ago5 months ago
0.0078345 months ago5 months ago
0.00746 months ago6 months ago
0.00423 months ago3 months ago
0.00422 months ago2 months ago
0.00214 days ago4 days ago
0.00212 months ago2 months ago
0.00211 month ago1 month ago
0.00211 month ago1 month ago
0.000113 months ago3 months ago
001 month ago1 month ago
0014 days ago14 days ago