We have our own userscript that helps improve your experience on our site among other things

The script currently only supports chrome with firefox coming at some point.
The script requires
You can read more about what the script does below

Buyer / User Features

  • Owns / Not Owns, now works for games / DLC that ain't in steam's API
  • Shows buying rate in trade window to ensure no more scamming bots
  • Script mainly targeted at farmers / sellers so ain't much here am open to suggestions tho ^^
  • FUTURE FEATURES: Auto badge crafter

Farmer / Seller Features

  • Shows selling rates in trade window to ensure no more scamming bots
  • Enables the Farm Net section in your allowing you to view bot signature / level / xp to 10 / games / inventory count / common badges
    & check appids you need directly from it including neatly displaying the bots
  • Displays how many games your Farm Net need in our
  • Enables the Inventory section in your allowing you to view which bots need your sets and how many they need
    & displays your set information & unsetted amount including how many you can complete
  • When using our Quick Pay in our you can now redeem your keys via the ASF IPC with the press of a button
  • FUTURE FEATURES: Split up commands per bot & multi command in IP support for multiple IPC's & whatever the fuck else you farmers want just hmu ^^


Edits and modifications / upgrades to the script

Version 0.2

Released: TBA

-Button added to IPC page to grab steamid's & account name for Farm Net
-Ability to send IPC key status to us to keep track of successful redeems on your order page
-Mutiple IPC support

Version 0.1

Released: 9/11/18

Script released ^^