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[NMC Bot] Card Flipper Skipper


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6 years ago

This is a MiscBot.

MiscBots, are bots that don't conform to the norm of SteamBots,
They may trade different items than Sets for Keys bots and use different commands
Make sure to read the description so you can see what this bot does and how to use it
Rates and information shown might be outdated as they are updated by the owner
Misc bots are still vetted by us and was safe to use at the time of approvement
The go-to bot to buy or sell rare low scarcity NM normal+foil sets! Choose the sets you want and pay with gems. The bot additionally will buy full sets of specific games that its programmed to purchase cards from. Fair sell prices of 1500-1900 for rare low scarcity sets and buy prices ranging from 1400-1800 per set! Check out my thread for more details: Note: The bot is programmed to only keep 5 normal sets of each game + 1 foil set for each game at a time. Auto-restocks daily.