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1 day ago

This is a MiscBot.

MiscBots, are bots that don't conform to the norm of SteamBots,
They may trade different items than Sets for Keys bots and use different commands
Make sure to read the description so you can see what this bot does and how to use it
Rates and information shown might be outdated as they are updated by the owner
Misc bots are still vetted by us and was safe to use at the time of approvement

!en - changes the bot language to English

!prices - shows the current prices of the bot
!stats - shows the current amount of the bot currencies
!owner - shows my owner profile, if you have any problems with the bot you can contact him

!level [your dream level] - calculates how many sets and how many keys it will cost to reach your desired level
!check - shows how many sets the bot has available for you to craft
!check [amount] - shows how many sets and which level you will reach for a specific amount of TF2 keys

!buytf [amount of TF keys] - use this to buy sets for that amount of TF2 keys, following the current bot rate
!buygems [amount of sets] - use this to buy sets for that amount of Gems, following the current bot rate

!sellcheck - shows information about the sets you can sell
!selltf [amount of TF keys] - sell your sets for TF key(s)
!sellgems [amount of sets] - sell your sets for gems

Acceptable keys:

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key